Movimiento Cosmico
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Doug and the Carnival of Souls Revue

Doug and the Carnival of Souls Revue incorporates the feel and sound of the violin played alongside punchy drums and driving guitars gives a truly original sound and haunted vibe. Doug’s original songs showcase his eclectic tastes in music.

Coffee Zombie Collective

You've never heard your favorites like this before! Coffee Zombie Collective's high-energy acoustic re-imagining of songs sweeps genres and generations, keeping crowds eagerly wondering what's next.


O'Craven is an energetic, highly charged Celtic/ Pirate/ Rock band, that is fun for the whole family and sure to get everyone singing along and dancing! They have been sailing from port to port rocking faces off ever since, and searching for their treasured, lost ship!

Movimiento Cosmico

Xitontequiza ( She- tone –tay-key-za) or cosmic movement is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation where dancers harmonize with the movement of the earth and cosmos; These ceremonial dances represent indigenous people from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras.