2018 Inspiring Artists

Van Gerald Pareno

We highly encourage artists of all levels to participate in the festival. In addition, we invite a hanful of "Inspiring Artists" who showcase all the wonderful things that can be done with chalk/pastels. Each year, we look through past festival archives and select artists who have participated multiple years and have a unique style to their pieces.

Stay tuned to learn about our 2018 Inspiring Artists!
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Thank you to our 2017 Inspiring Artists:

Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw with Friends

Designed by Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw
and featuring artists inside each letter:
  • Momo Cha
  • Marlon Yanes
  • Sonia Barron
  • Clif Gold
  • Christina Medina
  • John Cloud
  • Lacey Bryant
Be sure to take your picture at this special art piece!

Inspiring Artists

Michael Borja

Mike Borja grew up in San Jose and studied New Media and Fine Art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He loves creating visual art and thinking about concepts and ideas. When he was a little kid he would mix all sorts of liquids in a cup hoping a dragon would magically appear. Now, Mike mixes paint and other materials for other beautiful things to magically appear.

Sarah Cade

Chris Carillo

Chris Carrillo local San Jose artist. Inspired by Impressionism, science fiction, and paint in general. Choosing the road less traveled, a lover of life and beauty. Always after color,and new ideas, enjoys inspiring people and making a difference. Favorite artist Claude Monet, favorite media oil, favorite era the future.

Mark Martinez

I have been chalking at The Luna Park Chalk Art Festival since 2013. I was here that year when
all our artwork was rained upon, sending all our pretty colors down the sewer. The Luna Park
Chalk Art Festival became all the more exciting after that for me. I have always loved bright
colors and most of my artwork reflects that.If I draw or paint on any subject, I make sure my art
piece is always vibrant and fun ! I have had my artwork out and about San Jose for the past five
years. I have done a huge wall mural of a large tree in a colorful landscape at Ijava Cafe. I have
shownsmaller art pieces there also. I have had my art displayed at Bel Bacio Cafe and
participated as a vendor at outdoor events there known as Arte Nella Piaza. I was also a vendor
at the Evergreen Valley Artwalk. I have a utility art box painted at the end of South 2nd Street. I
participated as a vendor at Campbell's Second Saturday Artwalk. I love chalking and besides
Luna, I have also done Chalk Art pieces at The National Hispanic University and more recently at
San Jose State. For the 2017 Luna Park Chalk Art Festival, I believe I have sketched out a fun
piece that I can't wait to translate into chalk .
I am so happy to chalk at this year's Luna Chalk Art Festival with my fellow artist JulieAnn Kelly.
I have also worked with JulieAnn last year at The 2016 Luna Park Chalk Art Festival. JulieAnn has
participated as a vendor at Lipstick and Bullets, and has shown art at Art Boutiki, Bel Bacio Cafe,
Open Studios and various Canvas Ghost events.

Van Jerald Pareno

Steven McCracken

Eddie Ramirez

Carolina Chavez